Here's just a small sampling of what we do for our clients at Core Distribution. Each day we look for ways to optimize and advance our services as cannabis distributors. Ready to partner? Request a service.

Quality and assurance

  • Third-party testing available

  • BCC and state compliant

  • 100% clean product guaranteed

ORder fulfillment

  • Verified Distru Partner

  • Wholesale lbs. available

  • Receive, Secure Holding and Delivery

Cash handling

  • 24/7 High level of Surveillance

  • Armored Vehicles & Assigned Transport Teams

  • 10+ years of best practices

  • Available for distributor to retail or retail to retail

Packaging and Processing

  • From raw product to manufacturing

  • Available for eighths, quarters, joints and jars

  • For retail ready use

  • 100% clean product guaranteed

Storage and quarantine

  • Holds until test-ready or distribution

  • Great for partners with space limitations

  • BCC compliant (alarm system, internal security cage, motion sensors)

  • Designated room for product (exclusive to Core)

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